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With surveys showing that 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, e Harmony is making plans to expand its services to help professionals find the perfect job match.

The dating site’s CEO Neil Clark Warren, who used to be a marriage counselor years ago, announced that e Harmony plans to launch its recruitment service—Elevated Careers—in 2016, with the expectation of the business contributing to about 60% of the company’s revenues within three years.

“Nobody has really matched personalities in terms of the applicant and the supervisor.

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[Related: 3 Job Search Apps That Work Almost Like Online Dating] “[The career market] is such a big market that we do expect it to grow faster than our core product,” Warren added. Meanwhile, Lisa Rowan of market research firm IDC tells Reuters that the online career market is estimated to be worth about billion a year.e Harmony, which is a private company, will likely charge employers and job seekers for its services, while offering some features for free.It’s expected to use more than 100 variables to match professionals with potential jobs including skills, experience, personality, and work and cultural values.While stepping into the online job market seems to be a smart business move for e Harmony, there are several other job search apps who have adopted the online dating concept as well, such as Switch, Poachable, and Jobr, just to name a few.Professionals interested in using e Harmony’s new service can go to to sign-up either as a job seeker or recruiter.

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