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Just remember that over time, it does get better."Keep in mind that your baby's stomach is small, so he'll digest breast milk or formula fairly quickly.

This is why newborns need to be fed every two to three hours.

If you're lucky enough to have a newborn who sleeps longer than three hours at a time, there's no need to wake him "A full-term baby with no medical conditions does not need to be awakened for feedings," says Marc Weissbluth, M.

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If your baby does wake up for frequent feedings, rest assured it's temporary.By 3 months, his stomach has gotten larger and he'll stay fuller longer -- which means he'll hopefully stay asleep for extended periods of time.Whether the baby is sleeping in your room or his own, you want to make sure it's a relaxing and peaceful place.Getting your baby to nap and sleep through the night is good for the entire family. Knowing the changes he's going through during his first year and what you can do to help him become a champion sleeper. For the first two months, newborns are unable to decipher between day and night because they haven't yet developed their own circadian rhythms of melatonin production, says Kim West, aka "The Sleep Lady" and author of The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight.For the first week, they sleep a total of 16-18 hours, about half during the night and half spread out over four daytime naps.

From 2 weeks to 2 months of age, they sleep an average of 15.5-17 hours total, about 8.5-10 hours at night and six to seven hours during the day spread out over three to four naps.During the third month, babies need an average of 15 hours of sleep, 10 at night and five spread out over three daytime naps.Many parents hope that their baby will be a champion sleeper right off the bat, but that's usually not the case, says Nadav Traeger, M.D., director of pediatric sleep medicine at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center."Parents need to have patience and realize that it's going to take some time for their baby's internal clock to kick in.Sleep also varies dramatically from child to child, so you can't compare one baby's sleep habits to another.