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flash disk unplugged) Core Bugfix: fail to save task list when use_app_data == false under Vista/win7 (v1.21) Core Bugfix: improve kernel stability GUI Improved: support open magnet URI with multiple tracker parameters GUI Improved: include multiple tracker parameters when copy magnet URI from Bit Torrent task GUI Improved: download installation package of new version in background automatically if enabled GUI Improved: support SHA1 verification for downloaded file in HTTP task properties dialog GUI Improved: display confirmation dialog when choose re-download HTTP task GUI Improved: improve icons in context menu of task list GUI Improved: rename "Web Interface" to "Remote Download" in Option dialog GUI Improved: username, password and referrer can be specified when add HTTP download in Remote Download web page GUI Improved: add log list for HTTP task connections in Remote Download web page GUI Improved: add start/stop operations in task info web page of Remote Download GUI Improved: Firefox extension supports capture video file GUI Improved: when using multiple user accounts of Windows, each user has individual task list and program settings GUI Bugfix: share ratios of Bit Torrent tasks are displayed incorrectly when program just started GUI Bugfix: displaying tooltip in toolbar may lead to crash Core Improve: support file path longer than 260 characters Core Improve: remove LUA scripts support for intelligent rename of HTTP download Core Improve: update Bit Torrent client identification code Core Bugfix: fail to download HTTP URL containing single quotes GUI Improved: new command in file menu: "Import Unfinished Download", supports Bit Comet, u Torrent, Xunlei GUI Improved: start download from torrent infohash directly in "Open torrent from URL" dialog GUI Improved: drag & drop task names to rearrange task list(when task list not sorted) GUI Improved: BT task summary tab: show BT task pieces number; show down/upload speed/size detail info in tooltip when mouse hovers on them GUI Improved: BT task peer list: new command "Friend Upload Slot" in the context menu, for only one IP at the same time GUI Improved: BT task tracker list: show seeds, peers, downloaded number returned from tracker GUI Improved: BT task file list: sort file names in the same order as Windows Explorer(thanks to Radio Noise) GUI Improved: display snapshots tab in new BT task dialog when open torrent file GUI Improved: modify the size of BT task properties dialog, compatible with 1024x600 resolution GUI Improved: for finished BT task, "search for Long-Time Seeds" displayed as "enable Long-Time Seeding", "search for e Mule sources" as "enable upload to e Mule sources" in task properties dialog GUI Improved: new global option: maximum number of concurrent seeding Bit Torrent tasks GUI Improved: new global option: Don't use proxy for tracker/peer connections GUI Improved: new global option: specify separated listen port for Web UI GUI Improved: supports Occitan language(see lang\How To-Translate.txt) GUI Improved: when using remote desktop, disable highlight the row on which mouse hovers in file list, peer list and tracker list GUI Improved: improve compatibility of install package with Vista/Win7 GUI Bugfix: tailing space in tracker address leads to connection failure GUI Bugfix: can't start Bit Torrent download when drag&drop a Magnet URI text to floating window Core Improve: use UTF-8 encoding when making torrent file by default for all language versions of Windows Core Improve: improve algorithm, reduce CPU usage of DHT modular, avoid GUI blocked Core Improve: improve algorithm, reduce CPU usage of Long-Time Seeds download modular, avoid GUI blocked Core Improve: support HTTPS tracker Core Bugfix: after Scheduler stopped all tasks, the option of "Auto start task when download rate less than specified rate" will still start tasks Core Bugfix: after BT task stopped, corresponding DHT connections didn't stop totally Core Bugfix: invalid DHT packet may lead to program crash(thanks to Pierre Noguès) Core Bugfix: task list backup file from v1.19 can't be imported by itself GUI Improved: Torrent maker dialog changed to modeless window GUI Improved: supports edit Tracker URL for Magnet URI task before torrent downloaded GUI Improved: new command in Tools menu: enable e Mule plugin, show/hide plugin window GUI Improved: support set task tags in BT/HTTP task properties dialog GUI Improved: move downloaded files to tag associated folder optionally when add task tag using task context menu GUI Improved: supports switch input focus to list control inside task tabs by Tab key GUI Improved: add icons to task context menu GUI Improved: display "not supported" in ed2k link field of file list for private torrents GUI Improved: new setting in advanced page of option dialog: system.show_debug_info GUI Bugfix: can't drag&drop download links to floating windows from IE8 in Win7 GUI Bugfix: the save path edit-box in BT/HTTP task properties dialog doesn't support mouse wheel GUI Bugfix: Web interface doesn't support to download Magnet URI GUI Bugfix: the last task in task list doesn't get refreshed in some situation Core Improve: support Bit Torrent Extension Protocol of peer exchange, compatible with Bit Torrent mainline Core Improve: new e Mule plugin (based on Xtreme 7.2 mod) Core Bugfix: after removing tasks without removing files, the Long-Time Seeding for these files won't stop immediately Core Bugfix: after disable LT Seeding in option dialog, running tasks won't stop downloading from Long-Time Seeding immediately GUI Improved: display the properties of multiple tasks will show a task statistics dialog GUI Improved: drag&drop a Magnet URI or HTTP URL to main window of Bit Comet will launch a download GUI Improved: add legend to the piece map tab of task GUI Improved: new setting in advanced page of option dialog: system.use_app_data, detailed info refer to wiki GUI Improved: display error message when failed to load/save task list xml file GUI Improved: new command in context menu of tracker list: add tracker GUI Improved: new setting in connection page of option dialog: randomize port each start GUI Improved: display "added date" in torrent history, and hide "snapshots", "comments", "rating", "popular" by default GUI Improved: display translator info in about dialog GUI Improved: enhance BHO, display Bit Comet icon in context menu of IE8 GUI Improved: enhance video downloader extension for Firefox, display captured files in Tools menu besides in context menu GUI Improved: new setting in BT task page of option dialog: display task properties dialog after torrent downloaded from Magnet URI GUI Improved: display batch download dialog when multiple torrents selected to download in Torrent Exchange GUI Bugfix: when shutdown scheduled at specified time, shutdown will still be launched when all download finished GUI Bugfix: error occurred when non-admin user try to modify IE integration setting under Vista/Win7 GUI Bugfix: task properties dialog displayed incorrectly for right-to-left languages, e.g.

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