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Incredibly, though, many people have failed to recognize the true importance these jars played in our nation’s history.

And believe me when I tell you, Ball jars are a quintessential part of American history and as much so as apple pie or ice cream.

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3) Most of the few prized historical jars are already in someone else’s collection.

4) The few historical jars still left intact are not readily available for the average collector to even consider purchasing.

5) With the advent of e Bay the playing field has leveled somewhat but the ultimate overall cost still is a huge factor for the average collector because overall, e Bay is not a bargain.

In this article, collector Bruce Wayne Schank talks about collecting antique Ball jars (fruit jars), and the history of the Ball jar.

Based in Pompton Plains, NJ, Bruce can be reached via his website,

One of the most common fruit jars ever produced is the lowly Ball jar.

Historical figures show that from between Sept 1, 1894 until Dec 31, 1961, 41,256,856 Gross jars were produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co.

A staggering number, what this suggests is that Ball jars should be a readily available commodity and very easy to find, making collecting Ball Jars a somewhat easier venture since more of these jars exist then probably any of the other manufacturers combined.

Yet with all that glass out there to be found, it has become a colossal challenge to categorize, date and fully understand the minutia of variants produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co.

Plus, there is a sub-minutia of variances in the entire differing genre of Ball jars, to make matters even more convoluted.

Now, who hasn’t at one time or another, whether at a garage sale, antique store, grandma’s basement or in some hole-in-the-wall come across a Ball jar, whether a PERFECT MASON, IDEAL, SURE SEAL, IMPROVED, SPECIAL or one of the myriad of other varieties of jars produced over the last century plus by the Ball Glass Mfg Co.