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The ensemble also includes jock Tyler (De Vaughn Nixon), who goes out with the equally popular girl Jordan (Kylie Bunbury) but fools around behind her back.

Mei (Yin Chang) agonizes over telling her sweetly nerdy boyfriend, Justin (Jared Kusnitz), that she got into design school and won't be going to college with him.

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The worst offense appears to be cutting class — and that happens only because the offending kid has to help his mom. Even as it tries to show some depth behind the teen stereotypes, it reinforces them.This is High School Musical minus the singing and dancing.Any episode of Glee or even reruns of Degrassi are more connected to real life than this Disney production.Note to tweens, adolescents and nostalgically inclined adults: Dusting off your own or the parents' high school yearbooks and having a laugh about bad hair and tacky dresses beats making a date for Prom.Here's a by-the-playbook movie if ever there was one.

The machinations leading up to the big night are hardly worth the fuss: Prom's entertainment quotient comes up deficient.Familiar stories leading up to the big dance intersect clumsily.Nova (Aimee Teegarden), the over-achieving head of the prom committee, can't stand Jesse (Thomas Mc Donell), the long-haired bad boy who cuts class and zips around on a motorcycle. But wise Principal Dunnan (Jere Burns) throws them together to work on prom decorations.Though outwardly surly, Jesse is actually a softy who's devoted to his little brother and hardworking mom.Anyone who's made it past fifth grade can figure out that Nova and Jesse will end up together.Along the way, audiences must slog through a hackneyed prom-dress modeling montage and an inane spy mission to a school with the same prom theme.