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Jess, a friend of the Keepers and Amanda's sister, has gone missing.

The group searches for clues to her disappearance while also trying to keep the Overtakers at bay in the Animal Kingdom, where the Overtakers have gained control of the computer servers with the intent to wreak havoc.

After Wayne, their friend, mentor, and head Imagineer, disappeared during the events at Animal Kingdom, Finn, Philby, Willa, Charlene, and Maybeck suspect the worst.The Overtakers would like nothing more than to eliminate Wayne, or worse, to use his power to their own ends.Their search takes the Keepers, plus Amanda and Jess, into Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, where they must fight through puzzles, giant snakes, and deal with Maleficent while discovering new truths about themselves that lead to more than they could discover.Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider The Syndrome: A Kingdom Keepers Adventure Second Series- The Return: Disney Lands series is published through Disney Editions and Disney Hyperion, and the first book was released on August 29, 2005.Its plot follows the adventures of five teens who, by day, are holographic hosts in the Disney Theme Parks.

Five young teens; Finn, Willa, Charlene, Maybeck, and Philby, have been selected to serve as holographic theme park guides, Disney Hosts Interactives (DHI), in Walt Disney World.Thanks to a glitch in the DHI technology they find a man transported into the Magic Kingdom each night and pitted in a war against various Disney villains, called the Overtakers, to save both Walt Disney World and the world at large.They are helped by Wayne, who tells them about a riddle called "The Stonecutter's Quill." So they go to the different rides according to the riddle and it spells out "My First Pen".They then go and find the pen and Finn realizes he can defeat Maleficent with the pen.Things have been relatively quiet for the past few months, until things go wrong at DHI day at the Magic Kingdom.The Overtakers are back, and this time the stakes are even higher.