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SM Entertainment stocks took a small hit in value after the agency confirmed news that Girls' Generation member Yuri was indeed dating Hanshin Tigers baseball player Oh Seung Wan, reports Koreaboo.

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The scoop reported that Yuri stayed behind in Japan after recording for the upcoming Girls' Generation album to support the baseball player in his first professional league appearance on March 12, reports Kpop Herald.

Insiders also confirmed the relationship, which, when combined with previous photos of the two snapped together since November 2014, led to a very convincing story.

This led SM Entertainment to confirm the dating rumors.

"They met each other at the end of last month at a meeting with mutual friends.

They're getting to know each other and like each other," said SM Entertainment in a confirmation announcement after the photos were released, reports Allkpop.

SM Entertainment is not alone in experiencing a stock price hit when one of its popular idols are revealed to be in a relationship, notes Koreaboo.When news of miss A's Suzy dating Lee Min Ho broke out, JYP Entertainment stocks also tumbled by an even larger 4%.Minho is the famous anthroplogist and the best in the field.His job is to determine the identity of the victim he found and the cause of death.Yuri is an FBI agent who just moved from Korea to America.She moved to get a better life after what happened at Korea.