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Mike & Ariel first collaborated in the drama "Seventh Grade", although their characterswere not a couple.

After, they went on to collaboratein various CFs and we are all now awaiting their next project. She graduated University with a Korean Language Major.

She has published 2 books and was the winner of the Golden Horse best Actress awards for "They Kiss Again".

Ariel's thread Ariel's Gallery Mike (賀軍翔) was born in Taiwan in the year 1983.

He gained immediate popularity for his talent, good looks, and kissing abilities.

He has written one book and is currently studying Tourism in College.

He likes girls with long straight hair, quiet by nature, and able to cook.Mike's thread Mike's Gallery SG (2003) touches on issues our generation of kids face in high school.It focuses on the journey a cheerleadering team embarks on and the life lessons each member learns.Ariel plays the captain of the team, Ya Li, while Mike played a secondary character named Xu Liu.Official Thread LC (2004) is the story of Xiao Feng (Ariel), a mentally and physically scarred girl who has grown a shell to protect herself from everything and everyone. Mike is Ah Ken, the loner who is blackmailed into pursuing XF and who eventually falls deeply in love with her. Mike and Ariel did such a great job in getting across their desire and need for one another.And the fear and hesitation that lied underneath all that.