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I rededicated my life to Christ when I was a junior in college and He has been transforming me from the inside out ever since.

We are looking for Production Workers to start immediately.

These positions are for our client, Celestial Seasonings based in Boulder. This would be a great job for a college or high school student (must be 18 years of age) or s...

The Colorado office works with the underserved population in Denver Public Schools to achieve this goal by providing necessary professional support, computers, technology and books to individual schools.The Implementation Specialist will: Guide and mentor teachers, admini...TRANSPORTATION at Hilltop & Northeast Terminals Starting Salary: .69per hour Hourly, benefits eligible with minimum hrs.As a believer, I�m passionate about working with Christian students wanting to refine their gifts and calling for Christ.I view teaching as a tool I�ve been given to pass on the knowledge and skills given to me down to a new generation of leaders.

Working at Regent is seen as a privilege to facilitate the holistic development of the students put in my care for brief moments of time.

I received my Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University and I currently do a combination of online teaching and private practice.

In my private practice, I work with married couples, individuals who are anxious and depressed, and clients with ADHD.

I've also recently launched a platform for Christian dating sites called Christian to provide Christians with a high quality, Biblically sound alternative to secular dating sites.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our children Forrest, Mason, Savannah, and Jade.

I also enjoy playing sports, the guitar, reading, and being outdoors.