Boundaries in a christian dating relationship dating out of state

Dating as a Christian is so easy and simple if you memorize and apply the following few rules.

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If she is to choose it is still your duty to make sure the place is suitable for Christian dating. It also means you will get to your destination soon enough to start the dating thing with less unnecessary silent moments.

Those are the moments that the bad thoughts could start surfacing in your mind (hers too, I am not picking on you, it’s just this article is for you; the guy). Another way to avoid being alone in the privacy of your car.

Rule #4: If you are watching a movie, watch it in her living room.

This way you will have to choose something PG 14 or for kids if she has young siblings (try to enjoy it … Also you will avoid the darkness of the movie theater and the moments of silence.

If she has a younger sibling put him/her in the middle between the two of you.

You are still taller and can see each other face easily.

If not, keep a distance so that your bodies don’t touch.

You are not ready for this touch until you are married, so don’t get yourself hungry while the turkey is still in the farm.

Also it is a good opportunity to know her family better.

When you marry a girl you are actually marrying the whole family in a sense.

You will be dealing with her mom more than your own.