Malaysia sexchatroom Browser not updating favicon

If you don't want to just change the file in its respective template directory you can find the reference to the file in the document.

The path is "........\libraries\joomla\document\html\html.php".

Assuming you've uploaded to the right place and your browser's cache is clear, it should update with your image.

browser not updating favicon-23

(Replace "" with your own domain.) If you continue to see issues with the file after trying the aforementioned steps, please feel free to contact support via Support Phone or Chat Support.A favicon is a simple graphic icon that can be added to any website and will display on the tabs and title bars of most browsers when viewing the site.Favicons will also display on visitor's bookmarks and browser history listings and help your site stand out a bit better when listed among other sites.Below is an example of what a favicon looks like: To add a Favicon to your site, you will need the following items: The file can be created in a variety of different ways.Most photo-editing programs will have free plugins available that can be used to create your file and save it in *format.

There are also many free online favicon generators that can be used to create your file.A simple search online should lead you in the right direction.Be sure to name it since some browsers rely on this specific name in order to display it correctly.Tip: Generally speaking, the image used for your favicon should contain sharp edges, colors, and be in the 16x16 pixel range.Check out some popular sites like wikipedia, google, facebook, amazon and others to get some ideas.Note: In some cases, you may not see your favicon right away.