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Cambridge University Engineering Society is the largest and oldest student society in Cambridge, with alumni dating back over a hundred years.

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In an annual election, any student member of the engineering department may put forward their name for one of the committee positions, provided it is seconded by two other members of the department.Those elected by the CUES membership form the committee who, with advise from the sponsors and faculty members, run the society.Caroline Calloway is living a privileged life and getting a huge following on Instagram in the process.The 23-year-old New Yorker is currently studying art history at the prestigious Cambridge University in Britain, and her awestruck musings about the iconic institution, coupled with photographs of her experiences there, have captured the imaginations of over 302,000 people on the photo-sharing social network.“I love Cambridge so much, in the evangelical way only an immigrant can,” one of her posts reads.

“In the States we don’t have castles – it’s literally like if one part of one old building in Cambridge was transplanted to America it would be our greatest national treasure.” Much like Ring Pops and disposable razors, memories deteriorate with use. According to a study by Northwestern University, every time we access a memory we tamper with it, editing the past with our feelings in the present.Or to put it like this: the only way to preserve our most precious memories is to forget them.Sometimes I worry that I’ve revisited my first weeks at Cambridge so often that the real story is too damaged to tell with accuracy—that something about the star-struck, devastated, bewildered way I felt when I arrived has been permanently paved over.I know now, for example, that Oscar and I will end up dating. But I got out of bed anyways and began rifling through my half-packed suitcases for a charger—I didn’t have to check my phone to know it would be dead. I dumped the contents of two carry-ons next to my open suitcases and studied the floor.We will spend Valentine’s Day in Paris and weekends at castles and untold hours of our lives watching movies on laptops. Like winning an Olympic gold medal or owning a lock of James Franco’s hair, listening to Harry Potter audiobooks on repeat all night comes at a price. Although I had had over an hour to unpack yesterday between lunch and Oscar’s knock, I had focused on making my dorm-room feel like home rather than actually moving in.Cambridge will not always be a beautiful but hellish maze. Which meant that instead of putting socks away in drawers, I had spent the hour tacking up vintage maps of Greenwich Village, photos of Washington Square Park in the snow, bunting made from mini-British flags.