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Last year, a shiver of 13 sharks was seen at the same beach near the border of Huntington and Sunset Beach.

And while it’s no shocker that sharks occasionally are spotted – the ocean is their home, after all – they appear to be more prevalent and bigger in the area.

Maybe it’s time to invest in some shark defense; whether the tech is effective or not, better safe than sorry.Honestly I don't get it, I love to surf and I think it's time to deal with the Great White shark issue in HB/ Bolsa/ Sunset.My little kids want to surf but are afraid of all the the sharks and I don't blame them.of Huntington and Sunset Beach, officials closed them again due to subsequent shark sightings. Others want to surf, so they’re not happy about the closure.” On Sunday afternoon, almost exactly 24 hours prior to Monday’s sighting, another group of Great Whites was spotted at the exact location.During a routine helicopter fly-over Monday afternoon, multiple Great Whites over 10-feet and a few smaller juveniles were spotted about 50 yards offshore near Anderson Street, prompting the re-closure. The beach at Anderson Street and a surrounding 2-mile stretch was closed until a.m. Officials reopened the waters but soon rescinded their decision upon seeing another pod of sharks.

Some people think we can be more aggressive (about monitoring for sharks) and then others ask us why we’re closing the beach since sharks live in the water.

No word on whether the two clusters were the same sharks.

The recent Huntington/Seal Beach sightings come just a week after a woman was mauled by a shark a few miles south while swimming off Corona Del Mar State Beach.

The woman attacked was identified as Maria Korcsmaros, a 52-year-old personal trainer from Corona.

She was training for an Ironman competition, swimming 150 yards offshore, when the attack occurred.

Surf City and the surrounding cities have seen their fair share of shark sightings.