Chat with a fuck buddy without ever paying a dime

Sure he had been my friend for more than a year and I liked him but he was one of those dreamers who talk a big game but never do much.He was always on the lookout for get rich quick schemes and constantly losing the little bit of money he made.In the 18 months since I’d met Darren he had tried to get a loan or investment money off me atleast once a week.

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But Darren always brought me crap and I always refused.He’d tell me I’d be sorry and I was; sorry for him when he’d lose his money on the latest pyramid scheme.Darren was one of those pretty boy types with the shoulder length blonde hair and requisite blue eyes. Besides figuring prominently in my wet dreams, Sarah was whip smart and alot of fun, and wouldn’t be an assistant manager forever, you could see she was going places. Now, let me buy you a drink to wash away the bitter taste of rejection...again.” But Darren did something unusual; he stopped me.Women found him attractive but he was surprisingly loyal to his wife. A redhead, which is a weakness of mine and legs that went on forever. She happened to manage my favorite restuarant and I was damn sorry to learn she was the wife of a friend, that put her off limits. Darren refusing a free drink was like sighting a ufo..can’t believe it but there it is. Please man, I can’t lose her.” I didn’t believe it for a second. I figured Sarah had read him the riot act as she seems to do once a month and this time said something that hit a nerve. She had an emotional weakness where he was concerned, I knew many women like that.He bragged about her and her loyalty to him and how she would do anything he wanted and how he had her wrapped around his finger. One day I’m hanging with a bud at our favorite spot and Darren comes in with a bunch of friends. He looks at me with an intensity and seriousness that I’d never seen from him before. Sarah is making noises like she will leave me if I don’t start carrying a bigger share of the load. Everything in the world going for them but a husband or boyfriend that held them back or slowed them down but they refused to let go.

He comes over to me and says he needs to talk to me in his whiny voice that tells me he would ask, no, beg for money. “Bernie, I need a favor.” Darren called me Bernie and from anyone else I hated it. Yes Darren was a loser and Sarah was a class act but it would take something huge to get her to dump his ass. Now, if you’re serious about making some money you should take my advice and go into sales.My name is Bernard and thats what I insisted on being called. Paying 85% of the bills wasn’t enough in her mind to justify her leaving him. You have a gift for gab, people like you and I still have some connections with places that pay phat commissions. ” Darren grins with renewed confidence and I feel sorry for him.But Darren somehow made it sound cool so I let him get away with it, but only him. “Darren, you can’t even get off me, so you knew you were wasting your time before we sat down.” Darren looked around then leaned forward. I can turn ,000 into 0,000 in just six months. Its can’t miss Bernie, can’t miss.” “Darren, when will you learn? And for a guy like you, with your talent, sales is cushy work. I’m out of the game but I still have the touch.” Darren sneered at me. Its created more millionaires than the pyramid schemes you love so much which have made you..see! Darren at Slosen’s I’d pull 80k in a month if my game was off. pays 20% commissions and the minimum sale is 0,000 and I was their #1 guy. Now, I’m thirsty and hungry and I’m with a buddy and you have several people waiting for you.” I moved to get up when he said the wrong thing. I’m not a gambling addict or anything but I rarely refuse a challenge and somehow, despite the fact Darren usually needed a loan to buy a pack of gum, I sensed that this would be worth my time. The guy was a born loser thats one reason I sat back down. I know you’ve made these kinds of bets before and won. I know you think you can take Sarah easy but you’re wrong pal.“Will your training include reading crap books on mind power? ” “Oh so I’m supposed to slave away at some dead end sales job? The last place I worked sales was at Erin Consultants and you get the income from the sales you make even after leaving the company as long as those companies remain clients; I’m still getting 5,000 checks from them each month and I quit three years ago! You have to have a proven track record of heavy hitting before they will even read your resume. Whatever he had in mind, not only would it be worth my time and attention but I would win. If you are successful, well thats your prize, fucking my wife.” He holds up his hand and my protest dies on my lips. I see you watching her when you think I’m not looking. But if she shoots you down, you then have to give, not loan, give me ,000 dollars in cash. You should really have more respect for your wife than to make a bet using her.” Darren laughed. She is 100% loyal to yours truly.” I decided to do something I never did. “Look, Darren, you need to know something...” “Scared Casanova? “Darren, for your sake and the sake of your marriage you need to listen to me for once.But I can get you in the door at any of them right now! Losers will always do the things that make them losers, thats natural law. I know the only reason you haven’t made a play is because we are friends. I’m going to tell you why I’m so successful with women and why I can’t go after Sarah.” “Look Bernie, stop with the sales pitch. You know as well as I do that Sarah won’t give you the time of day.Hell I just had my once a year talk with Craig Jeffers at Machine Corp. Whatever the bet, if I accepted, Darren would be sorry. One, she loves me and only me and it doesn’t matter how smooth, rich, or good looking you are, Sarah won’t break her wedding vows. Plus, and this is between you and me, Sarah doesn’t believe in race mixing. Now tonight is a good night for the deal to go down.