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As part of the UK speed-dating phenomena, since 03-May-2010 ' takes place in the financial capital of the U.

K, London, where for £20 and a total of 1hr 30 minutes, ethnic British Chinese city workers with working backgrounds such as Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, and Law are given the opportunity to meet their potential ethnic Chinese spouse.

Whilst it appears to be a 'free' event, as you can see from a selection of reviews, dated December 2011, from the following ethnic Chinese males, males are not allowed to find out their' matches' until they pay for it.Lee: 'As for the girls, some very pretty, some interesting to chat to, and some both.All friendly and pleasant, but whether they 'tick' you is another story.It is difficult to win someone over in 4 minutes, and after the speeddating there was no mingling time as we were kicked out for the next age group to come in. I speak to some lovely ladies but there's a minority who seem to have a hard time accepting that they are at a speed dating event.Overall, speed dating is good, but I have been to ones that are much better organised. Unfortunately, there are no ladders available for them to get over themselves, so they're stuck in ambivalence, reciting the "I'm just here because my friend asked me to come" speech.

You might argue this one was free, but its not really - its free to see how many girls said yes, but you cant find out whether they're the ones you liked - it doesnt give you your matches until you pay the 20 quid. I'm sure it's just as boring for them to watch my eyes roll as it is for me to listen to this.' 'Beware Chinese Speed Dating is not for the faint hearted, you will see how two-faced some of these girls actually are, they may be pretty, smile and sound as if they are interested in you, but the next day when you get your results you will see that you are on their reject list, and they don't even want to be a friend at least?!

And you cant contact each other til you've paid, either.' 'Four minutes, of course, goes by quickly in ...minutes..I ditch routine profiling (asking about jobs, hobbies, any prison record, etc.) in favour of cutting straight to the chase with insightful questions such as "Why so cute but single? However a good experience as it is free, but don't forget to read the small print!

;)' Knowing how segregated and dispersed Chinese are in Britain, gaping lack of tradition the majority of British Chinese have retained in their own culture such as 'arranged marriage', the deliberate British media mismatching and non-representation of ethnic Chinese couples; in the heart of the cosmopolitan capital, where a considerably higher concentration of Chinese diaspora exists than anywhere else in the UK, it's shocking that not one canny ethnic Chinese businessman/woman has yet organized an ethnic 'Chinese only' dating event.

And Whilst most single females have no problem dating a non-Chinese, at multiculturally designed events such as 'Chinese Speed-dating', what alternatives are there for ethnic Chinese males who are serious about finding a Chinese female partner?

40, male, London, Surrey Hello x How does fun with an open minded, witty, and sexy guy sound? clubs/bars occassionally, movies, long walks and relaxing.

Oh also did I mention the attractive and funny bit? Well I love chinese food so would have to be a nice romantic meal in Chinatown followed ...64, male, Barnet, Hertfordshire I am looking for a female company of slim to medium build importantly who is clean and does not smoke likes a hug . Travel regularly to Copenhagen and New York City, and when I'm in the UK, I work from home. was bored in taipei(capital) nd living taipei almost over20 yrs.