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Or if these options don’t work out for you, consider going for a bike ride or maybe a picnic on the quad.Instead of paying for a ticket at a movie theater, head down to your local Redbox or utilize your parents’ Netflix subscription.Not only can you save money but renting lets you stay on campus no one will shush you if feel like talking through the movie.

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If you’re too nervous to head over to a salsa club, group lessons at a dance studio are very affordable.

Bring a partner, find your favorite dance style like swing, salsa or tango and strut your stuff! Try a local shop off campus to make college dating a little fancier.

Another alternative to a traditional movie is to see a play at a theater.

College dating is the perfect excuse to get out of the study hall and do something fun.

Finding the courage to ask a girl or guy out is already hard enough, but coming up with date ideas that will please everyone is even tougher.

On top of that, most of your money is probably going to tuition, books and meal plans.

You didn’t really plan dating into your college budget.

If you have no clue what to do, check out these first date ideas for college students that are inexpensive and easy, too.

Doing activities outside is the pinnacle of cheap and easy date ideas.

If your school has great hiking trails like Dartmouth College, go for a hike.

Head to the beach if you go to a school like Pepperdine University, or University of California, Santa Barbara.