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Raj and Howard talk about how the Voyager spacecraft included a record for aliens to play but didn't provide them with a record player.

My favourite person is Sheldon and Howard and there are just become so pathetic at where acting goes, just plain boring, tedious and childish.Raj is just annoying and Bernadette and Penny are the same attitude problems.Leonard is just fake and pretending almost everything in this season, there's no charm anymore what we got earlier seasons a lot. There are just rushing with all this writing, I mean in this episode I didn't laugh once.Raj is one of a select group of scientists who has been asked to submit a proposal for sending a message out into space on one of the Discovery missions, in the possibility that the message is intercepted by alien life.Raj asks Howard, Leonard and Sheldon if they would like to help him.

Based on their responses, Raj decides only to let Leonard help as Howard and Sheldon demonstrate that they would want to take over the project, whereas Leonard would be more of a collaborator.

Howard and Sheldon react to Raj's decision in different ways, with the four ultimately discussing their group dynamic.

A question becomes if Raj and Leonard can accomplish anything without Howard and Sheldon.

Meanwhile Penny has been asked to audition for a major movie, which, if she gets it would put a crimp on her lucrative new life as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

She asks for advice on what to do from an unlikely source.

And Sheldon rewrites the lyrics to a number of popular songs to get children more ...