Courtship over dating

The courtship process is direct and the intended outcome of a courtship is obvious to all of those involved.

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Ultimately, two people entering a courtship are hoping that the answer will be yes, that they are an ideal match, and that their path will lead to marriage.This is the flirting stage, the point where you hint to the other party that you're interested and available through verbal and nonverbal communication.The verbal communication part isn't completely direct.Instead of saying, "I'd like to enter a courtship with you," for example, you may exchange niceties and witty banter.Posture, smiling, and other body language also play a big part in this step of courtship.

In the courtship process, the man must do the initiating.He will typically go to his own parents and discuss his interest in a specific woman, then to her father (or guardian) to ask his permission to court his daughter.The father then approaches his daughter and informs her of the man's intent.If she accepts, they will officially enter into the courtship process.This is where the couple truly gets to know one another—but only under supervision.They are never left alone together so that there will be no temptation to engage in a physical relationship.