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This might be due to the low quality ingredients used in the making. A year ago I made a complaint about the store on Curry Ford Rd in Orlando, Fl. This is the behavior of the owner who could not care less on what takes place in his store. A man enjoys the sweet taste overwhelming his mouth. All hail the Dairy Queen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and of the First Men Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons. So when she got home in Anderson SC she took the top off the cup and found first of all that the water was dirty and that there was some more slime down at the bottom and something that looked like styrofoam.

1 person ringing out more than enough to come up and open, another waited another 15 for food, 1 person after another coming up with a complaint. Eating this cake, caused me severe stomach ache and heartburn. I told the employee I don't appreciate being left at the intercom. A man rejoices in looking for the bigger chunks of Oreo cookie not properly crushed. Well it wasn't me but my mom who went to a Dairy Queen in GA and ordered a cup of water and she stated that when she took a sip that she swallowed something that felt slime go down her throat.

Instead, it only contained a tiny layer of hard chocolate fudge and the worst low quality ice cream ever. A man revels in a treat that keeps him cool in the sweltering heat.

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I haven't eaten at DQ since but I still come in every once in a while to see if all the flavor are back. Perhaps it might well be the case with a Dairy Queen. The anticipation gradually builds prior to tasting a food, though it does not spike at the moment a food is served upside down, but rather the moment a man is about to take a bite of chocolate plus vanilla goodness. I am 54 years old, have been eating at Dairy Queen since I was about 6 years old. For the past couple of years I can't seem to get a cherry sundae. Ok, but why give me some of my items to sit in the car and melt. Has a man ever tasted food so good it made him refer to himself and everything else in the third person?The manager and owner asked me to give them another chance. This visit was far worse than the visit a year ago. This is a plea to all the people reading this review. Visit 1: I pull up to the intercom to place an order. And I think that something should be done about that because she got really sick from that nasty water.The store has a board full of chicken meals, however on this visit there was not any chicken at all. I am asking you to avoid this store on Curry Ford Rd, Orlando. Normally we enjoy all the food during our visits to a variety of Dairy Queen locations; the hot grilled foods -- especially the chicken strip basket--are usually quite tasty, which is why we continue to visit Dairy Queen restaurants.The best thing that you can do is put this place out of business or force the owner to sell. It is your duty to put them out of business or this terrible treatment will continue. The chicken basket we ordered on our most recent visit to the Troy, IL location was no exception.

A young woman rudely informs me the drive up window is closed (there are no notices posted and it's noon), closes the window and walks away. After she asked if I wanted a lid, put wrong lid on it, it was a flat lid not the usual, then told I had to wait for my burger. If I'm looking for quality and affordable desserts, I'd go to Dairy Queen.

The idiot working the drive thru doesn't know how to operate the intercom. The cup is about to burst on the bottom, so I hand that back to get a new cup. It's not worth the hassle to get disservice at this location. Last evening I went to our new Dairy Queen on Burkhart and was the sixth person in line. Got to the window, was handed a box of Dilly Bars (I guess that is what they were supposed to be), handed my blizzard. I guess I'll go back to the old Dairy Queen on North 41, but ordering any more food from any of them will not happen... When I order there, I choose only from two items -- the Kit Kat Blizzard or the Matcha Green Tea Moolatte. Apart from their delightful tastes, I'm pleased to not have to pay too much for them.

I get add'l soft serve, hopefully there are no boogers in it. Occasionally, when I'm in the mood to have some ice cream and I'm at the mall, I would step into Dairy Queen's store.

I state I receive more than this and stated I will not accept it.

The employee (who is dumber than a stick) argues with me and states this is the small.

The chicken in the basket was hot, fresh and crispy, as were the lightly salted French fries. However, the management of and service in that particular location appears to be in dire need of improvement.