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Amanda’s father, Robert Zuckerman even posted on his twitter account (before he blocked his tweets to non-confirmed followers) “” Wow, How did Robert get all that having no contact with his daughter since she has been in the Big Brother house? Amanda keeps mentioning some “mystery boyfriend” back home, but in fact the mystery is that the boyfriend is Mc Crae.

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Enter Rebel Wilson to offer Johnson’s character tutelage in the art of New York singledom — from how to work guys for free drinks to partying hard and one-night stands.

Yet Johnson — daughter of movie stars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson — makes it clear that neither of these young women finding their feet in a big city bear any resemblance to the young woman playing them.

“I’m not the type of person that goes to a lot of parties,” Johnson assures.

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Did Amanda Zuckerman and Mc Crae Olson knew each other outside the house!

It all makes perfect sense, did you see how fast those two ran under the sheets together and how Amanda is so jealous if Mc Crae even looks at another woman in the house; all that for a simple showmance?