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Share Point Discussion Board Orphaned Attachments Analyzer is a Win Form 2.0 application that helps Share Point Administrators and/or developers to find and remove (optional) orphaned attachments in Share Point Discussion Board. As I don't have tested this patch right now, I can't say if it removes all existing orphaned attachments or if it only fix Share Point for next deletion.

These orphans don't seems to be a problem until you try to export a Web Site using the "stsadm -o export" command or the Content Migration API, then you could get this message : Fatal Error: This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values. Add(String name, Data Column[] parent Columns, Data Column[] child Columns) at Microsoft. Retrieve Data From Database(Export Object export Object) at Microsoft. Retrieve Data(Export Object export Object) at Microsoft. Get Object Data(Export Object export Object) at Microsoft.

This application is published with the courtesy of Alti Hope it can help ! Run() using the tool provided by this project, you can verify if there are orphaned attachments in the Share Point Web Site Discussion Board (in fact it tests all Lists in the Web Site, but orphans should only appears in Discussion Board), and choose if you want to remove them or not.Announcements - last updated 7 January, 2006 To help keep you informed on what's happening at, we have created an Announcement Board.This board allows us to tell you about our newest features, post solutions to various discussion board related questions, and keep you up to date on the latest competitions and challenges.It is important to note that this is a read only board.Constructive Comments This "virtual workbench" is hosted by Robert Oehler and Brett Green, and is designed so that Missing-lynx readers can share their "in progress" photos with the rest of the readership and generate constructive discussions.