Dating in the school yard

I could never leave my 4yo alone in the yard and happily go off to work. I would actually go into reception and make them aware that you have noticed some children being left alone in the mornings.

I'd be terrified she'd wander off with a stranger or would run onto the road. They might bring it to the parents attention of how unsafe it is! I always wait until both of mine have gone into school before I leave the playground. Recently a boy in the playground climbed up on the gate, slipped and sliced his whole palm off! He was actually in the care of a child minder when it happened but what if he'd been there on his own?

I would rather pay for the breakfast club and be skint than leave them alone.Also there maybe a thing about insurance issues for the school if the children are left alone and have an accident,as theres no adults looking after them and school are not obliged to till my husband always says just because we wouldn't do that and don't think its ok doesn't mean that others don't think its ok, people are brought up differently with things like this and things like playing out younger that i'd let mine/ later etc I'd hate the thought of leaving mine like that especially after oct when it gets darker and could be snowy poor little things they are still babies at 4 IMO I'm going to be dropping SD who is 10 and in Y6 off at the playgound gates at 840 and am a bit iffy over that especailly inthe winter ( more for the cold than the safety ) xx I agree, 4 years old sounds much too young to be left in the playground on their own - especially during their first few weeks of school and particularly if there are no teachers / staff on playground duty at that time.We deliver the best games on this site by occasionally displaying some advertisements. Please disable your ad blocker and refresh to fully enjoy our games. I understand that these mums must have to dash off to work, and probably start at 9am, but does anyone else think this is slightly dangerous/irresponsible?

A lot of these children are in primary one along with my daughter, and they just stand there in the yard alone until the bell goes at 9am when they have to line up. Since then i've been seeing mums (look like working mums as they're in uniform/or smart trousers etc) going into the school yard at 8.30am (that's when the gate opens) and leaving their children there.The gate remains open all that time and it's next to a main street/road.And there's no school staff out in the yard either.There's a breakfast club around the corner from the school which is 5 a morning.I understand this equates to about 25 a week, but surely safety comes first?