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I spend time with family, friends, do stuff with the kids, and he will literal pout.

I go out with the girls and every time, I'm accused of trying to pick up men and cheat on him.

If that accusation doesn't go as he had planed or (thought out), he will go to the extreme and degrade me by saying I'm having sex with my girl friends. It gets so bad that if were at the store and I tell the cashier thank you and have a nice day, by the time we get back to the car I'm cheating on him, with the cashier.

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When he questions me, I feel I'm being interrogated. No answer is good enough, because what I tell him is the truth and it doesn't match what he already believes in his head. However, sometimes, you might be misinterpreting his/her insecurity as jealousy.My x boyfriend has an extreme insecurity and ugly jealousy issues.He is obsessive, compulsive, and controlling all at the same time.

Let me explain; he gets obsessed with his thoughts, thoughts that are not true getting idea about something and dwells on it, meditates on it until it's a reality in his own head.He will pick out only part and pieces of a conversation to verify that the thought in his head is true.He grows paranoid after he has convinced himself that his imagination is true.Then he starts judging, making accusations, accusing me, someone is doing him wrong and becomes too far out to pull him back into reality.It has gotten so far before, that he has accused me of saying things, in a conversation with him, about something, that we never even talked about.His thought process ends up controlling him, his attitude, his behavior, his eating, his spending and his love. Paranoid, obsessed about the idea I am lying or cheating on him.