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They are in tune with current trends in their field and incorporate them into the coursework.As a student at Colorado Technical University Online, you have access to innovative online tools such as Intellipath™, our proprietary learning application.It customizes the coursework in our online degree programs to suit your knowledge level.

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Our online bachelor’s degrees, MSCJ, MSCS, MSM, MSIT and MBA degree programs at Colorado Technical University Online were ranked among the best in 2016 by US News and World report.CEO Magazine also named CTU’s master’s in business administration a top tier online MBA program for 2015.When you're researching higher education, you’ll likely come across the term "accreditation." Accreditation refers to a college or university meeting the evaluation criteria of a review board or organization, which is typically an independent third party.Are you ready to take the next step in your career?At CTU, you can get the education you want without putting your work or personal life on hold. You can attend class when or where it fits into your busy schedule.

At home, at work, at the library...anywhere there’s an Internet connection.If you live in the Denver or Colorado Springs area, you can even take a mix of online and ground campus classes.Whatever your area of interest, you’ll likely find a degree program to suit your needs.In fact, CTU offers more than 100 graduate and undergraduate online degree programs.You’ll find degree options at every level -- associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral -- and in many different fields.Classes are taught by faculty who live what they teach.