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If your alleged knight in shining armor swoops in offering to improve every area of your life, he’ll probably end up trying to control your life.

It’s one thing if he treats you like a princess; it’s quite another if he treats you like a project.

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Your guy’s not going to suddenly start treating you better once the excitement and newness wears off.When you’ve just started dating someone it can be real easy to get mislead.You’re so enamored with this girl that your usual sense of logic disappears, or you’re “Booty Blinded” as it’s often called.By Meagan Mc Crary and Julie Fishman, co-authors of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags Relationships, and the dating process that precedes them, can be tricky.Here’s a cheat sheet to help you navigate the sometimes stormy waters of love, and help you determine if your guy's really a catch after all.

How your guy’s close relatives behave and interact with each other could indicate who he really is, as well as explain how he got that way.

The apple usually doesn't fall all that far from the family tree.

A guy who’s got marriage — to you — on the brain will eventually start speaking in we’s.

If your man says “when I get married” rather than “when we get married,” he’s not thinking about anything long-term.

Watch out for a man who’s not just taking the reins in your relationship but wrapping them around your neck with demands that are convenient for him but disadvantageous to you.

You may want to knock him off his high horse before your heart gets drawn and quartered.