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And I'm not happy about it, because I'm afraid it's yet another child being exposed to the abusive world of Bill Gothard's cult.

There are few people in the world who can care for 20 kids. I have serious misgivings and trepidation for all of their children, including preemie Josie and #20.The Duggars are part of the Quiverfull movement, and are part of the Advanced Training Institute (ATI), which for all accounts and purposes is a religious cult, headed up by Bill Gothard and based in Oak Brook, IL. The one that's been in the news lately, because, you know, some children have died because so-called parents followed the principles in it.I fear for the kids because of that, and because the Duggars endorse the Pearls' To Train Up A Child book. Principles that include hitting kids with a plumbing line in order to make them obey.Oh, if you want to read it (and you have a strong stomach) the whole text is here: endorsement of the Pearls is scary enough on its own.Who endorses someone who advocates hitting children with a plastic plumbing line in order to get them to obey?

In that way, the Duggar family is advocating child abuse. Before they were on TLC, Michelle Duggar was part of an online group, where she advocated using rulers for blanket training.Someone on the Free Jinger forums spoke of her experience.Years ago, must have been 8 or so, I belonged to a forum called CMOMB (Christian Moms Of Many Blessings).This was before the TLC show, but Michelle was already a well known figure amongst the QFers.She came and did a guest chat and one of the things she talked about was blanket training.She used flexible rulers and talked about luring the baby off of the blanket and then swatting them with the ruler when they took the bait .