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“I’m what you call a satisfied single,” Loni told The Jasmine Brand this past summer.

“I don’t want to give any trip reports when I come home.

I like having peace and quiet in my life and I am perfectly happy in my relationships.”“I will never say never but I can tell you right now – I am perfectly happy with being who I am.

I just – I really – I’m an entertainer and the thing that I’d decided to work on was my career and I decided the energy that I was putting in certain relationships – I was really kind of wasting my time and I knew it.

So I said, I would take that energy and put it into my career.And now look – I’m on a talk show, I have a book that I wrote – I mean, it takes concentration for those things but it happened.So, It’s not that, I’ll never say never, but right now, I enjoy my life, I truly do enjoy being single and I don’t really want to get married.”With Loni’s love for the liberties of the single life, we thought we’d never hear her utter the words “boyfriend;” however it looks like our girl has a new boo.During today’s episode of “The Ellen Show,” Ellen did a little prying and learned that Loni brought her new 23-year-old boyfriend, Sam, to the show.Then, during the “Loni’s Love Update” segment, Ellen brought him out. Though she may have shocked us all by committing to a boyfriend, it doesn’t look like she plans to tie the knot again.Apparently the two met at a comedy club.“We met at a comedy club. Her facial expression when Ellen mentioned an engagement was absolutely priceless.