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When I first started dating women, I never understood why lesbians were so adamant about not dating bi women.Many told me they just didn’t trust these women not to cheat on them with men.I thought that was crap and felt lesbians were just being insecure.

In some parts of the lesbian community, you’re only considered a real lesbian if you’ve never even thought of a guy.It seems like the greater the length of time between when you last slept with a guy and your discovering your lesbian tendencies, the more legitimate your lesbian card is.Anyway, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to discover for myself, and through others, why bisexual women are so annoying and a complete turn off.Acting as a barrier from rust and abrasion, Rust-Oleum Truck Bed spray provides a durable, non-skid finish that protects both metal and painted surfaces.Commonly used on truck beds, this multi-purpose coating is convenient for application on small surfaces or areas with tight, curved contours that are difficult to brush.

It also works great when used as a touch-up spray for existing coated truck beds.Choose your store AZ, Tempe CA, Burbank CA, Carson CA, Costa Mesa CA, Covina CA, East Palo Alto CA, Emeryville CA, San Diego CA, West Sacramento CO, Centennial CT, New Haven FL, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Sunrise FL, Tampa GA, Atlanta IL, Bolingbrook IL, Schaumburg KS, Merriam MA, Stoughton MD, Baltimore MD, College Park MI, Canton MN, Twin Cities MO, St. XHTML 1.0 Transitional is the same as HTML 4.01 Transitional, but follows XML syntax rules.It supports everything found in XHTML 1.0 Strict, but also permits the use of a number of elements and attributes that are judged presentational, in order to ease the transition from HTML 3.2 and earlier. Life is tough out there for bisexual women and they get equal amounts of crap from lesbians and straight people.So they definitely don’t need me piling on, but that won’t stop me.