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, the 25-year-old actress reveals her biggest dating turn-off. "A guy who sits around and plays video games and smokes pot."PHOTO: Celebrity pot smokers Still, Van Camp says she believes "every young woman needs to have one boyfriend who disappoints her, who really breaks her heart" in order to know what true love is.PHOTOS: More costars who fell in love The Canadian actress -- whose exes include Joseph Morgan, 30 -- says women are drawn to men with the potential to become great fathers, "whether they're immediately wanting to be a parent or not.It's important to me that a man is good at taking care of people."Though she's often photographed holding hands and going on dates with Bowman, 24, Van Camp still isn't used to dating in the public eye. "But you know, to all of a sudden have photographers snapping photos of you, it's a big change.

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I'm generally very aware of what's going on around me, and I really don't know where they hide. The first new ep to air is titled “Doubt.” Here’s a synopsis: “The secret lover that Victoria had long before Conrad and David comes back into her life, with the potential to create a huge problem.The Instagram favorites seem ready for their ABC premiere, which is right around the corner on Sunday, Sept. But before the big season debut, Bowman, 25, and his leading lady, Van Camp, 27, grabbed a bite to eat at the Sweet Butter Kitchen in Sherman Oaks on Sunday, according to Just Jared.[For the photos, click HERE.] Just the day before on Saturday, the young couple attended the VIP Pre-Fight party for the highly anticipated, star-studded Pay-Per-View boxing match.Van Camp and Bowman both walked the red carpet in stylish outfits that were perfect for the occasion.

The actress also tweeted her thanks to SHOWTIME on Monday, and posted about how much fun she had at the fight.Van Camp's character, Emily will be wearing quite the breathtaking wedding dress in the season premiere."After hearing about what would happen, the dress required so many elements that I knew we weren't going to find any one piece that would do everything we needed," said the show's costume designer Jill Ohanneson to."And since we had three weeks of prep time at the beginning, I found the fabric, did three or four sketches, and designed it myself." Ohanneson explained just how she came out with the beautiful gown for Vancamp's character's big scenes."I know Emily likes very slim silhouettes, but I also knew the producers and directors wanted the fabric to float around her when she fell into the waters, " Ohanneson continued."To make that happen, I started with a slim silhouette and built around it with a tulle, since it's lightweight and floats well." Ready for "Revenge?