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The important thing was my state I think, when I approached. And although approaching is absolutely necessary (I know it is because you're on this website, which tells me that you're probably not Johnny Depp), it is not sufficient. Notwithstanding..you believe in a pick-up line, it may work as a magic feather for you (Dumbo). Then the series takes a nosedive with Sean talking about his "big butt" theory and Dr. This was quite good, some of the guest speakers were cool, i felt what Tyler and Mystery said wasn't anyhting new just the usual stuff they've already gone over in their own materials.

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And that is this - being good with women is a LEARNABLE SKILL like anything else in life.

Most books on dating tell you how to keep a relationship going once you have one - but not how to get into a relationship the first time. Written by someone who has gone through it all, David de Angelo revelas all his knowledge about dating secrets in this book.

Double Your Dating is the best place to start for every guy interested in a practical, and decisive means to attract and successfully pick up lots of women.

The Bad: David De Angelo has always talked way too slow, and his body language is stiff.

Fortunately, we can play his videos and CD's at comprehension speed, rather than the rate of his speech speed.

I highly recommend playing this in VLC or Windows Media Player or whatever and adjusting the playback speed to 1.4x or 1.5x. When I think of the hottest women I ever approached and successfully seduced, I remember saying something not really funny or original. " (said very casually, as if I've known her forever.You can even comprehend it at faster speeds, but I'd start at 1.3x or 1.4x, and you won't have any problem comprehending what he's saying (because he pauses so long, repeats himself, and talks slow). You believe that you need to say something clever, witty, funny, or James Bondish to "open" her. I creeped up next to her in the dog food aisle in grocery store and said that.It's very easy to adjust the playback speed and I won't detail it here..look it up. Then we started a conversation as if we had been in the middle of it.Another example: I ran up to a hot girl who was talking to her hot friend, and I said, "We're supposed to get to know each other." She smiled and said, "Okay." She was at my apartment that night, and we did the nasty. As I walked passed a hottie (just my type too) on the college campus, I said, "Let's have lunch together." She smiled, paused, and said, "Okay." In this program there are some fucking brilliant pickup lines. However, I have yet to successfully seduce a woman using them (though I haven't tried them that much either).Anyway, the examples I gave of the "lines" I used successfully were from my heart...I'm not even sure if they would "work" again if I tried using them as lines.