Delonte west and lebrons mother dating p2p guardian not updating

That's the question that everyone wants to know the answer to this NBA off-season.

Delonte West was as well known outside of Cleveland as Jamario Moon or Anthony Parker, but then he was rumored to do the unthinkable.

In the video below, Bill Simmons gives his thoughts on the nasty Delonte West rumor, but he has to do this on a radio show because ESPN policy is not to talk about rumors of that nature on the job.

Simmons confidently states, "It's true." This is referring to the rumor that Delonte West had an affair with Gloria James, and West was possibly the cause of Le Bron's disinterest after his stellar Game 3 performance.

Rumors had circulated that before Game 4, Mo Williams decided to break the news to Le Bron that everyone in the Cavaliers locker room already knew. This news would be a very valid explanation for quite possibly the biggest choke in Cleveland Cavaliers history, and the beginning of the end for Le Bron and the Cavaliers.

Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy took to the airwaves in late May, and became the most high-profile person to date to back the rumors.

"It ain't no rumor," he told a Houston ESPN Radio station, calling the claims "absolutely true" and "absolutely horrifying." He went on: "Unfortunately, my sources in the NBA tell me that it's absolutely true.

My sources, and they're legit, tell me that the only people that didn't know it was happening was Le Bron and me." The creepy thing is that West was uncharacteristically awful against the Celtics.

One of the few Cavaliers who can manufacture his own shot, and more importantly, isn’t afraid of taking big shots, West has played well in the playoffs throughout his career. Celtics series, West played some of the worst basketball of his career.

He didn’t play a minute in the second half of Game 5 and was horrible in Game 6, committing turnovers on three consecutive possessions in the first half to help fuel a 10-0 Celtics run. Le Bron recently took out a full-page ad to thank the city of Akron, but never once tried to thank the city of Cleveland.

Meanwhile, listless Le Bron began to manifest itself in Game 4, when the MVP was less aggressive than usual. The people of Cleveland may have been betrayed by Le Bron, but Le Bron was betrayed by nearly the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team.

As Bill Simmons stated, "Ilgauskas is the only close friend on that team now." Perhaps Big Z was the only Cavs player out of the loop on the rumor.

He is Le Bron's close friend, and he was out of the loop for a good month while waiting to return after being bought out by the Washington Wizards.