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I mean, I find that I -- I don't talk about those things often. Let me ask you this -- do you like talking about that stuff?

These people say they're having phone sex and Internet sex.

CONAN: Andy, weigh in here because Andy has a ton of Internet sex.

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R70 million online dating scam in South Africa Business Tech, on Sat, -0800 An Internet fraud syndicate operating out of Pretoria stole over R70 million from hundreds of women over six years, with a Nigerian man posing as a US soldier to win the hearts of his lonely victims.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, the cyber …

Phil makes some entertaining television, and often doles out hard and fast advice, but is he more showbiz than doctor? After graduating with a doctoral psychology degree in 1979, he went into private practice with his dad in Wichita Falls, Texas, but stopped practicing psychology in 1990 when he co-founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc., a trial consulting firm. Phil after she hired the firm to help with legal issues.) Although he didn’t practice, he kept his Texas license current until 2006. Phil is not a licensed psychologist in any state, though he used to be in Texas.He never got a psychologist license in California, where he tapes his popular daytime show, because the show is meant to be entertainment.In 2002 the California Board of Psychology decided that he did not need a license to do the show.On in January 2008, Mc Graw said that he had “retired from psychology,” and that his current work does not involve the practice of psychology. Phil does not purport to practice psychology on his show, he often sets up troubled show participants with counseling and rehab programs after the song and dance is over.He is often confrontational with guests, especially when they appear to be lying, but he never offers diagnoses or very clear observations about what he thinks is really going on with them.