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Tinder connects to your Facebook profile and uses your GPS location to find potential matches near you.

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Some sites describe it as being a way to find dates, but as we found out this morning, others describe it as a facilitator of casual sex. The two of us that signed up as a "work-related experiment" weren't the only ones confused about the app's intention - one guy had as his tagline "I dont talk to much, Im jst a person that likes to make friends.. We aren't prepared to call it a raging success just yet, but it's early days. Despite initial concerns stemming from the information that so-and-so was "one mile away", Tinder doesn't actually give out this information to would-be suitors, so they aren't going to turn up at your front door. The app asks you to "tell your friends" about it to get more people signed up, but we really don't want to do that.

Your wedding picture of you and your presumably then-wife.

Putting red contacts in your eyes for your profile shot.

NZHPT considers and is satisfied that the building should be protected, conserved and maintained as an historic place.

For more historical information, click here to read the Register Online on the NZ Historic Places Trust website.

Showing the many phases of use of the prison: 1896-1915 - new prison opened with cells for 52 men and 20 women 1915- 1959 - Police move in to administration block and look after prisoners as well as their own duties 1959- 1974 - 34 female prisoners are accommodated, segregated from men 1975-1994 - reopened catering for 59 male inmates 1994-2000 - Police move out to their new premises and prison reverts to original purpose as a men only facility 2007 - prison decommissioned and Corrections operation moved to Milburn 2011 - Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust formed to secure the prison for the nation 2012 - Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust raises ,000 to allow it to purchase the property from Ngai Tahu Property Ltd 2014 - Conservation Plan completed 2015 - Fund-raising begins to allow us to restore the facades and repair part of the slate roof, estimated at 0,000.Our vision is to make it into a major tourist attraction for Dunedin.It is located in a unique heritage precinct consisting of the Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin Law Courts, and Otago Settlers Museum. The history of the site encompasses male prison, women's prison, regional prison, police station, Department of Defence Administration, SIS Office, all ofd which have something to contribute to the tapestry of the building's history.The long-term viability of the project has to be based on a commercial return being available on a continuing basis.Its ability to attract paying customers over the long term will be critical and the trustees of this venture are committed to this view.Tinder, an app that is proving to be the latest craze in online dating, is making its mark on New Zealand, having been launched in the United States in September. A photo of you wearing a Bridget Jones-esque Christmas jumper. You and your mum wearing matching reindeer antlers. Having a display name that is slang for a female body part.