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Mama Evelyn encourages Shaniece to spend her money wisely and save for a rainy day.“I really think that you should think this out, and feel like you need to save—for like God forbid something was to happen you wanna be able to like have money saved just in case.() Life can throw you an Oodles of Noodles situation!” Despite Evelyn’s wise motherly advice, Shaniece believes that since she takes care of herself, she should not have to hide what she is buying.

Tonight’s episode of should be a bit of a learning lesson for young women who lack the experience on how to deal with men in relationships.

Most experts advise against a woman lavishing her boyfriend with expensive gifts because it opens her up for all sorts of vulnerabilities, both emotional and financial.

In last week’s episode of, Evelyn revealed that she is pregnant with a new baby, making this her third if she makes it to term.

As he grows older, his personality is shining through more and more. That’s not surprising since his dad and I are also big personalities.

, the new reality show that airs on Saturday nights on OWN.

Upon seeing the sneak peak, many viewers agree that a young, successful woman like Shaniece Hairston should never buy a ‘boyfriend’ such an expensive gift.Evelyn Lozada, has made a lot of mistakes in her life when it comes to men, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to protect her daughter from the many pitfalls that dating can bring.In the latest trailer, Evelyn politely confronts her daughter in the bathroom about learning that she is planning on buying her boyfriend an extravagant gift.Shaniece readily admits that she plans on buying the necklace for her much-older boyfriend, but admits that she didn’t feel the need to tell Evelyn about it because she is grown.Shaniece Hairston is financially secure at a very young age, which is great.But Evelyn advises her daughter that despite her financial independence, it’s possible that it won’t always be that way.