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Finding that right someone who shares similar morals can be very difficult to come across, and online Christian dating services have really helped us do just that.

There is no guaranteed that you will find the right person, but one thing is for sure; You should have no problem meeting other Christian friends.

Unfortunately, there aren't very many quality Christian dating sites out there.

I found two legitimate dating services that are specifically for Christians, which include Christian Cafe and Single Christian Network, also known as Single C.

Those two sites may not have as many singles as a site such as e Harmony, however both websites are filled with Christians and are amongst the best Christian dating sites out there.

Overall, the best Christian dating site is Christian Cafe.It seems to be owned by a Christian, so that's a nice plus.If you aren't concerned with who owns a site and simply want to find the most Christian members, I highly recommend Christian Mingle.These two are what we would consider to be the best Christian dating websites available for singles looking to date online.Even though there are some other dating websites out there, I would suggest sticking to our recommendations unless you just aren't having any luck.But if you just can't find a date, chances are it's not the number of potential dates that are lacking - more the lack of what you may or may not be doing right.