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Build your own house, set up a guild, rule the world...We were talking on ventrilo last night about how we have not had this much fun in a game in a long time.

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When creating this we knew we had to not only have balance, but it had to be done in such a way so that murderers could not use or abuse the system to their personal advantage at all.While murdering people can be a quick way to wealth, bounty hunting and killing murderers can quickly become profitable now too. Here at Ultima Online Forever we offer multiple events which reward platinum, rares, gold and tons of fun/action!From capture the flag events to full town invasions.The entire game can be played without making a purchase.Enjoy the rewarding feeling while you create, build and maintain your character in a world which you will live and exist in.

Become a bard, animal tamer, shop owner, craftsman, adventurer, treasure hunter, even a murderer...An expansive, immersive sandbox world enjoyed by many players all over every day.It's an innovative and unmatched experience in the realm of MMORPG games.A world in which you can not only fight, craft, create, tame, explore, and triumph..a world in which you can live...The only game in the world where you can do anything, be anything, at any given time.Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters.