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The site has an easy-to-use member search function that allows you to browse potential mates.

You’ll also find an online chat room, a nice feature if you find someone that seems interesting when you’re using the site.

Chat rooms and an instant messaging service make it possible for you to converse with potential dates in real time, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trading messages back and forth if you don’t want to.There are also private mailboxes available and public forums if you’re looking for other conversation opportunities.12Meet Senior is a free online dating site with a two-way matching service that doesn’t cost you made up of a collection of online dating sites and enables you to choose from a variety of conventional, casual and niche dating sites of preference to you.This could be based on for example culture, ethnicity, age or social interest.

Our dating sites can be easily categorized has traditional dating, casual dating and niche dating sites.

Our conventional dating sites tend to appeal to people seeking partners for friendship, dating and long term relationships and are a great way to find your perfect match.

Our casual dating sites tend to suit people who find it challenging to combine a busy life with a full time relationship coupled with the emotional commitment required or simply desire something naughtier, flirtatious and hassle free.

Our niche dating sites on the other hand tend to suit people who are looking for like minded people who for example share the same faith or the same ethnicity or perhaps the same social interests.

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Focus on sites that are focused on 50-plus dating, and don’t waste time wading through potential dates that aren’t age-appropriate.