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- Introduction: Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook Inc.in July 2004 for university students to socialize online.

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The company is trying to grow so it can become the internet.It has many different projects and is investing in social media applications to get as much as information of people and trying to keep people connected through different ways....[tags: Facebook Analysis] - In the past, we had limited options to connect with people.Making a phone call or sending a text message seemed to be the most convenient ways to communicate.However, those ways of communication faced a major problem which is having a big family and a lot of friends.

In 2004, 19 years old Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg came up with an idea.He thought about the best possible way to keep all of his colleges in touch without wasting time and money.His creativity led to owning one of the biggest social media web sites in the world....[tags: Facebook Essays] - The overuse of Facebook among today’s society has allocated a new kind of virtual existence to people of all ages.Increasing research on social media's effects on human interaction has revealed the development of antisocial behavior, narcissism and a slew of other character flaws and negative by-products.Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and believed to be a cause of venue for social media addiction.