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My service is tailored to your personal needs, and each bathroom fits the available spaces, with all boxing in or furniture made to measure – I don’t like unsightly gaps or visible pipes.

The first Council was introduced in 1961 to help the Postal Service™ and its business customers improve teamwork and communication.

Well, the Des Moines Postal Customer Council® (DMPCC®) can help your business save time and money using the mail!

Today, the DMPPC is one of 200 local PCCs with some 100,000 members across the nation, working together to make our mail service the best in the world.

In Des Moines, our PCC programs include educational sessions, mailer clinics, seminars and bi-monthly lunch and learn opportunities that keep members abreast of the latest Postal Service™ developments.

Members also work closely with local Post Office™ Managers to improve mail delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

This website will keep you abreast of the DMPCC activities and will put important mailing information right at your fingertips.

It can also help you locate the National PCC site, so you can make valuable contacts and learn tips for getting the best return-on-investment through the mail.

Both sites will keep you well-informed of the latest mailing news related to the Postal Service.

I am a registered plumber with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.

The CIPHE is the UK’s professional and technical body for all plumbing and heating professionals.