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Thompson Fuck is a 2005 American documentary film by director Steve Anderson about the word "fuck".

The film argues that the word is an integral part of societal discussions about freedom of speech and censorship.

Journalist Sam Donaldson talks about the versatility of the word, and comedian Billy Connolly states it can be understood despite one's language or location.

Musician Alanis Morissette comments that the word contains power because of its taboo nature.

The film features the last recorded interview of author Hunter S. Scholars, including linguist Reinhold Aman, journalism analyst David Shaw and Oxford English Dictionary editor Jesse Sheidlower, explain the history and evolution of the word.

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Soineya (which translates to “sleep together shop”) is Japan’s first “co-sleeping specialty shop” where customers can pay to sleep in the arms of a beautiful girl with no strings attached.

According to the homepage, Soineya hopes to offer patrons “the simple and ultimate comfort of sleeping together with someone”.

More: It’s fine for a guy to walk around topless on a hot summer’s day but in many countries it’s ILLEGAL for a woman to be topless in public.

LA based filmmaker Lina Esco’s “FREE THE NIPPLE” is based on true events about a topless group of women who bravely fought the censorship laws in New York.

The film is almost done and she’s seeking help to get it out there.

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