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Dan, now a self-described "out-loud chubby chaser living in Los Angeles, a city of hyper-real magazine beauty," lectures, offers private counseling and writes extensively on the topic.His book Now, I'm always looking for unique story lines and original angles.As I plotted the show's third season (now playing out at, I remembered how puzzled I was by this man with the superhero physique and a propensity for overweight men.

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a "joke." Why, for instance, are "golden showers" a less shocking topic of conversation than an attraction to men who don't fit the mainstream's ideal of perfection?Why was it still considered taboo, if not perverse?to treat the topic as just "the joke" but to explore it as honestly as a 10-minute-per-episode sitcom could, I contacted Dan.I asked him to be my "story consultant." He said yes and was so enthusiastic; I eventually cast him in the role of "Lucas," a man who becomes involved romantically with Muscles even as he struggles to admit to himself his chaser tendencies. I mean that the more a word directly points to the image of fat, the less acceptable we find it. There was no polite way to say "homosexual," and even less reason to bring it up. So "chubby chaser" is pretty neutral; it points to fat but it's also kinda cute.As we worked on the storyline, Dan led me into a fascinating world I never really understood. I now know the difference between "chasers" and "feeders," the meaning of "chub floss," and, as Dan points out, that "objectification works both ways"! Some guys take offense at "chaser." To them it seems to imply some sort of crazed hunt for fat guys. A.," which stands for "fat admirer." Sometimes they just say "admirer." In no case is "fat" used in the appellation. I admit that "admirer" is more accurate and sounds better, but it's also a bit cold for my taste.

Dan Oliverio: "Chubby chasing" is as good as it gets. We are talking about sexual attraction, not appreciating antique furniture. O.: Definitely something that took a while to understand.

I grew up living next door to a gay couple and lived in an arts dorm in college; I've always been around gay people.

But you've seen gay magazines, the kinds of guys in them.

I thought they were good-looking, and I even wanted to look like them, and so do a lot of straight guys.

But I never wanted to hop in bed with one or put my dick up his ass, so I figured I wasn't gay. O.: I can remember conversations about fat from early childhood. This is sort of like young gay guys who say that they're bi.

I took years to figure out that fat made such a big difference in my sexuality. O.: I didn't so much fight against it as remain ignorant of it, how deep it ran. People talking about it, being concerned with it, from when I was 5. Some are, but most are just on their way to being gay. It's like when you're a teenager and you'll see any movie that comes out?