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We have a collection of 170 one direction dating sim games for you to play for free.

We also offer other cool online games, strategy games, racing games, adventure games, simulation games, flash games and more.

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To play an Adult Interactive Fiction you'll need the correct runner.

The current popular ones are TADS, ADRIFT and RAGS.

For convenience they shall be put in their own sections.

No Japanese eroge novels (aka 'erotic visual novels') in this list: there are so many of them that we have made a page just for them.

We also have a page for Hentai Games if you don't feel like reading. It's your typical save the princess from the evil baron.

The baron is planning to deflower the princess so he can gain the Gift of Phallius.You on the other hand are a spy who wants to stop this from happening.Ever since the last Go P game he has made his own images for his games rather than ones snatched off the internet and his games are a lot more open.In Go P3 you need to prepare for the Valkin war which has already destroyed the surrounding lands. Casabian Virus was an entry is the minicomp and is therefore only a short game.You're a woman who is from a bleak future similar to Children of Men where the human race has gone sterile due to a virus.Your job is to go back in time to stop the virus from dooming the human race.