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We have lost track of who we really are and who we were meant to be.

This is what the trafficking of women is: ABUSE -- abuse of our mothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, nieces. Arie Vandenberg Cincinnati, Ohio I hate to say it, but this makes me ashamed to be a man.

This kind of behavior shows just how base and vile some humans can be towards the most vulnerable. Cristina Buzau, Romania Romania is a wonderful country.

What do you get when you combine vulnerable women, male sex drive, apathy and profiteering? This was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of writing a comment meant to be read by people that have never seen my country nor interacted in any way with it or its people.

It's a country just like any other, just like yours.

We have all kinds of people: good apples and bad apples and some in between. Actually if you consider the country's size, population, history, even crime and other data we are doing pretty well in fact (you can search topics on the web).But there is a real problem here with the trafficing of unwilling young women. I'm not talking here about women who choose to do this, but about those who are trapped, simply fooled into becoming prostitutes. There isn't a single big city in which you could say there aren't at least a few women who shared this story, more or less.Not all are country girls, not all are poor, not all are/were problem-kids: many go to good schools (and trust me: school here isn't as easy as I've heard/read/seen that it is in other countries-though it's becoming-we are asked to know/learn a lot more things), schools with good teachers, they have good grades, "normal" lifes, nice enough parents, friends.They're smart, nice, good and goodlooking young women. Well, it's kind of a fashion here for poor, but skilled people but also for many, many skilled middle income people, who don't earn here as much as they would by working in other countries to leave -- to go and work somewhere else, somewhere where they are better paid.I'm saying that there is a "fashion" because I'm not talking here about people who choose to live/work in other countries and become residents or even citizens of those countries.I talk about people (absolutely all ages, all genders, all kinds of characters and professions) who go in foreign countries only to work so that they can return home with different sums of money which they each one want to use in their different ways. As the taxi driver put it gently: "Romanian and Russian girls "walk in the park"! And if they knew, everybody in the city I mean, it's impossible that the local police would not. Nobody does anything at either end of this problem.