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The Green Thumb blog on all things ‘grass’ including top tips from our lawn guru, latest news, seasonal advice on how to care for your lawn along with some fun and inspiring ideas to make the most of your outside space.May 3 and 6 Green Thumb Theatre is bringing its touring productions to the Anvil Centre Theatre in New West for the first time.There’s a performance of Celestial Being (recommended for ages five and up) on Tuesday, May 3 and of Still/Falling (for ages 12 and up) on Friday, May 6.

Celestial Being, which runs 40 minutes, is aimed at the five-and-up crowd and explores the world of a young girl, Celeste, who is having a hard time at school.

She can’t seem to make friends, so she decides she must be from outer space.

Still / Falling, for ages 12 and up, is described as a “realistic, honest and bitingly funny look at the difference between ‘teen angst’ and mental illness,” as seen through the eyes of Nina, a young girl struggling with anxiety and depression. Any production by Green Thumb Theatre is guaranteed to make a good night out for kids and their parents.

In the words of one playwright: “ Green Thumb Theatre was founded in 1975 to develop original Canadian plays for young audiences and has since become known as one of the country’s leading theatre companies for young people.

It explores social issues that are relevant to the lives of children and youth in an accessible way, by telling the stories of young people just like themselves. You can see or for more information, or you can buy tickets online at

Their productions also have connections to curriculum for teachers to tie them in to classroom learning. You'll receive community garden alerts, updates from Green Guerillas, and invitations to events.We'll never share your email address and we won't send you spam.You can unsubscribe at anytime using the links provided in the emails you'll receive or at this page. But when it comes to strong and bold color statements, many of us get cold feet : we love the idea, but committing to a full room or even one single accent wall may be too much.What’s your relationship status with the green color? I’m in a serious, committed relationship You love green, and green loves you back. This wall in dark moody green with a contrast softer green wall in the other room makes a big impact. We’re dating, but not committed yet You like green, but spending a couple of days painting a wall green is just not for you. It’s complicated You like green, but have no green thumb, and your guts tell you that in a few weeks, green will be old news and your heart will sing for another color.