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they receive death threats for their efforts because they offend main stream Muslims.

They lie and deflect and ignore stories of Muslims doing bad things, not the other way around. ANd sorry but i see Muslims destroy statues and paintings of Jesus and attack churches.And sorry but drawing him is not the same thing as calling my mom a whore. @drew Makariuk: The moderate muslims silence is defeaning? And joking about the Profet () as the most influencial man in history and whoever wrote thos list were not a muslim. I imagine you like one of those ugly americans who goes to other cities only talking in english and looking for Mac Donalds around. I told you already I think that all the world will be Islam.Or is it just because the media don’t talk about this, because it’s not convenient for them to show Islam like any other religion? I will answer to you with a video as many people here like to do: https:// Media/videos/vb.174742062548592/1202871439735644/? For many of muslims it is if you would joke and be disrespectful aout your mum. I can only pray for you that you will find peace in your heart to open to the world and to different people and cultures. That’s true for me, as you (if you are a true Christian) should think that all the world will be Christian, because when you read in the Bible the Kingdom of Jesus will come, that’s exactly what it means.My family and friends are of utmost importance and volunteering in my community allows me to grow in the right direction and gives me a sense of peace. A shocking video exposes a Muslim school in the UK teaching students that Europe is evil has gone viral. Burn a Koran, baptize yourself in pig blood and video tape it. If you think you can move your roach children into my country with the goal of changing our laws, you have another thing coming.

The video, which originally appeared on Live Leak, was posted on You Tube and shared by Steven Crowder. @elton Braun: “Every time a Muslim tries to promote Islam as a ‘religion of peace’, they use that same tired verse. The problem is if you read the full text it is referring to other Muslims. " To be honest there are fucking idiots like Jay Kelly and Sean Penson that don’t think the preamble to a verse is important so that argument satisfies those leftist fools . At the very least, why didn’t you migrate to another “Islamic” country?

The female teacher also tells students that homosexuals should be thrown “from the highest place”. At one point, the idea of a multi-faith and multicultural society is rejected. Of course they only have love for other Muslims and absolute hate for all others. Why did you decide to leave your Islamic homeland to seek a new life in a Christian country??

Every time a Muslim tries to promote Islam as a ‘religion of peace’, they use that same tired verse. The problem is if you read the full text it is referring to other Muslims. Seems to me that the middle eastern filth that practice Islam, are fleeing their homelands and seeking refuge in Christian countries! @ Ali Abbas The evil in the world today and for the past many centuries is islam It will lead to war as islam kills everything that stands in its way. I guess he does not know where you originated and does not like to open his own mind.

Only to bring the misery, violence and oppression of Islam with them!!! There is not on islamic run country that is not a schitte hole and there is not one islamic run country that is at peace. " Drew he says I am just angry and should take anger management. Everyday I wake up to another murderous blood bath caused by Islam.

There are many islamic countries that have a lipstick front – but once you get past the lipstick you see the true pig that is islam. When I watched this video close to my summer home I get angry.. v=q_m MKj F5o8w I watch this and that fucking fool comes on here and tells me Islam is love and that the teachings of that piece of shit Muhammad are good.

Ali…your problem is you pretend there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim. There are Muslim reformists like Dr Zuhdi Jasser or like Tarek Fatah who would like to bring Islam out of the 6th century.