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A travel consultant or agent is a person responsible for helping others book flights, arrange tours, and secure hotel reservations.The consultant’s main job is to ensure that all aspects of client travel are seamlessly arranged.

There are many different sorts of travel consultants.Some work primarily with corporations, arranging business trips and organizing conferences in far-away cities. Group travel is also a popular niche, particularly when it comes to organized tours, corporate retreats, or big events like destination weddings and family reunions.Making and booking travel arrangements is the bulk of the job.Consultants often have access to networks and connections that offer lower prices than individuals could find on their own.Professionals may also be able to negotiate directly with hotels, airlines, and others for lower-than-advertised rates, and usually have inside information about tours and various perks.

Travel agents almost always charge for their services, but clients are often able to save money — not to mention stress and energy.

Expertise is another reason many people elect to hire a travel consultant.

A traveler who needs ideas about where to go or wants suggestions about things to do in a particular destination is usually an ideal candidate for tailored services.

A travel agent will work with clients directly to figure out the sort of trip they have in mind, and will make personalized recommendations based on experience and prior knowledge.

Almost anyone can go online and make travel arrangements, but it can be hard to tell real value from marketing fluff without some experience. Consultants must know about local customs in a travel destination, as well as passport, visa, and other legal requirements.

Necessary vaccinations and currency exchange rates also come within the job description.