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Like the following exchange: Except for me, of course. Posted by: beep-beep | November 5, 2010 PM | Too bad your posts aren't in disguise.

That way we wouldn't recognize them for the crap that they are.

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We can flip our alleged 'elite' quarterback (and AH) into picks no matter how he plays for the final 8 games. I'm trying to figure out how a team is so desperate to have a player who's missed major portions of two seasons on it's starting roster.

We can use a #1 on a quarterback and the flipped for picks on interior offensive lineman (c/g/rt). Pabrian gets that after watching Jason Campbell play. With a weak/soft line, I'd druther have Torain's BANG ang take a look at Davis straight ahead speed.

Plus, we have a coach in Shanahan who has an excellent offensive system, so the rookie q-back will be properly trained. Hindsight would tell us the best thing to do was use the 2nd round pick on a RG/LG/C...... Too bad hindsight is very irrelavent in real life....especially when pcking against the spread the very next week (I'm talking to you Patriots! Did they actually say that CP has a swollen groin muscle? Don't feel bad Play Action, I usually have no idea what I'm going off about even when I started it. Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with the RI crew here.

Redskins running back Clinton Portis elaborated on his health Tuesday at a Redskins community event, saying he suffered swelling in his injured groin muscle after Monday's workout and expects to be a game-time decision for the Nov. "I may be able to be ready for Monday, but I feel like it's a work in progress," Portis said Tuesday. "Running full-speed for the first time, they had already told me the symptoms that was going to come out of it," Portis said.

I got the rest of the week to try to get right and make sure I'm going to be 100 percent." Portis suffered the injury Oct. His first full-speed workout since was on Monday and he said he woke up sore Tuesday.

"It's not a shock." Earlier in the day, Portis said on his weekly appearance on "The Mike Wise Show" on WJFK that he was "working" to get back for Monday.But Portis also said he feels no pressure to return for the Eagles game."The good thing about it is no one is rushing me back," Portis said at the community event. "I diddled your dead mom." "Your posts are boring to me." That sort of stuff. Posted by: beep-beep | November 9, 2010 PM | "I diddled your dead mom"?"I think Coach Shanahan knows what type of injury this is. I think he seen the excitement in my eyes from being back on the field, and he kind of called me off yesterday and was like, 'Don't overdo it.'" These two aren't capable of a blog fight. That's exactly the kind of thing that Red DMV would post.It's the thought of someone with the mind of a 11 year-old.Stinging rebukes are where you take someone's words and use them against them.