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Voiced by the venerable Hobbs, the 1963 Coombs Lightweight E-type hails from Royal Leamington Spa, England.Just like Hobbs, Hobbscap has 20 Le Mans starts under his belt and has retired from racing to become a broadcaster.

She's another British spy, just learning the ropes and playing everything by the book—to a fault.High-tech equipment is her specialty, and she, too, gets wrapped up with Mater, who falls for her.Grem, voiced by Joe Mantegna (known to Simpsons fans as the voice of Fat Tony), is a beat-up AMC Gremlin.Not-Quite-A-Spoiler Alert: Some general Cars 2 plot points are discussed below, but we don’t give away much. If you saw Pixar’s 2006 creation Cars and visit this site, chances are you enjoyed the automotive-themed Disney opus.Kids everywhere loved watching—and continue to watch, repeatedly, in the back seats of minivans everywhere—Lightning Mc Queen and the gang competing for the Piston Cup, and parents appreciated the movie’s intelligence and subtle adult-grade humor.

Car nerds, even childless ones, were hooked by details such as references to automotive lore like the Cadillac Ranch, historically accurate car characters, and even the anthropomorphized equivalents of cameos by Michael Schumacher, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, and Richard Petty.

Cars 2, which moves the story and the racing to the international stage, will be in theaters this summer and features a slew of new characters.

Lightning and most of his friends are back, of course, but this time he’s competing in the World Grand Prix.

Here, for the first time, are two vehicles that will make their debut in Cars 2, as well as a rundown of some new characters that have already been announced. The first of our two exclusive debuts, Sir Miles is voiced by cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard.

An oil baron turned electric vehicle, he has discovered what he believes to be the clean fuel of the future. A mash-up of iconic SUVs, Miles boasts in-wheel electric motors behind his two-spoke “Regen R8” wheels and an array of solar panels on his roof.

He creates and sponsors the World Grand Prix to bring attention to the new energy product, Allinol. Fans of racer-turned-announcer David Hobbs—and we certainly count ourselves among them—will find the character’s resume familiar.