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Federal regulations are laws and we're not going to violate them. I put the safety of the chatters ahead of anything else (especially since we have kids who chat here).Every network rule and federal law has a good reason for being in place. I don't care if the other chats ignore them or not. It's honest to goodness frequently asked questions about the people, the room, the rules, everything. Just join the room again and you'll be chatting in no time!Yes, there are some rules explained here, however most of the FAQs don't have anything to do with the rules. If you've had no reason or no warning, more than likely you're not actually being kicked! Often, the java overloads a user's machine and times out for no reason. If you are kicked for real, you'll get a message "You have been kicked from #monkeeschat by [op] [reason you were kicked]" I do not know how to fix this besides you downloading mirc or p IRCh.

But, most of us have been chatting for months, and we've exhausted most of the monkees topics. The @ symbol means someone is a channel operator, or "op" for short. You have to be in the room enough to know what's going on, be level headed, able to answer questions about chatting and chat software, knowledgeable of the server commands, and trustworthy. All new ops are nominated and approved by the present ops, and "begging" for ops is against the channel rules. ", it's proof you don't care enough about the room to read the FAQs (which you do or you wouldn't be here! It doesn't happen to everyone (normally only to people with slow ISPs or CPUs).

We often are talking about something completely different. When the monkees do attend any chat they announce it well in advance and it is a planned moderated chat. Their purpose is to make chatting a nice experience for everyone who follows the channel rules. If you get kicked too many times, you will be banned. m IRC is separate software made especially for chatting.

Please don't whine "I want to talk about the monkees." If you want to talk about the guys, suggest a topic, or ask a question and most of the time we will gladly talk for hours about them. They are the ones who make sure no one in the room disobeys any of the rules. Kicking is when someone is forced to leave the channel by an op. That means you can't get back into the chat, no matter what you try. There are many other chat clients like p IRCh, and IRCle. It has many more features than the java chat and it's free.

Contained here are some of the questions most newbies ask, and some things that we think you should know before you chat! Actually, we have less than a dozen rules and we are far from strict.

If you want to study up offline, the rules and faq are available on autoresponder. Most of the rules most chatters never need to know and never come up in the room.

You're starting off on the right foot by reading this FAQ! However, the ops all got together and assembled a list of questions we really do get asked all the time. What I do expect (or what I would like) is for people to skim the questions and see which ones they'd like to know more about and read those. You won't get docked points because you skipped questions 27. We just want to make sure we have every basis covered! We try to be helpful and understanding to newbies, all we ask is that you please listen to us and follow our rules. Most of these questions are common sense questions that most people already know the answers too.Probably 50% of our "rules" are federal or network regulations.Network regulations are regulations the chat network (Webnet) made up and we have to enforce them in our room.Webnet is nice enough to give us a free chat server to play on, we don't want to upset them!Their rules are mainly to keep from hacking the chat or your computer and generally ruining chatting for everyone.