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Penn is slated to vacate his White House post — where he served as associate director in the office of public liaison — later this month. Sources have him hitting the campaign trail with the prez in 2012.) Photo Gallery: Barney Stinson and TV’s Other Lovably Despicable Characters exec producer Craig Thomas strongly hinted to TVLine in May that Robin would jump back into the dating scene, especially now that her maybe-soul mate Barney had moved on with Nora: “Robin didn’t do a hell of a lot of dating at all [last season]; she was more [immersed in] switching careers,” he said.

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It was the first movie to actually address the issue of being an ABCD and opened the door to much of the dialogue we see today.

That movie is also significant because it was the debut performance of one very special guy, one that many of us Brown Girls have fallen in love with over the years: Kal Penn.

Yep, Kal Penn was that guy who was drunkenly peed on and acting like he was a thug from inner-city Detroit.

He was epic in that role and it has rightfully led him to bigger roles and a place in Hollywood.

Harold and Kumar, The Namesake, Superman Returns, and guest appearances on Star Trek and now on How I Met Your Mother is just the short list from his filmography.

And lets not forget he was a guest professor at the University of Pennsylvania and worked for the Obama administration as the Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting in on a telephone interview with the one and only Kal Penn while he was promoting his third installment of Harold and Kumar. ” Nope, instead the call with other Asian American journalists revolved around more important matters – his career path, his impact on the Asian American community, and his future career plans.

Due to scheduling, I didn’t get to ask him questions and this might have been a good thing because compared to the other reporters on the line my questions would have hovered around “Are you single? One thing that impressed me the most about Kal Penn was how incredibly humble he is.

He repeatedly thanked the Asian American community for embracing him and his co-star John Cho in the Harold and Kumar movies.

When a writer asked about how he felt about paving the way for other Asian American actors in the Hollywood, he answered “John and I are very privileged.

The script, the directors, and Warner Brothers taking a chance on us has brought us here.

And the fans that supported us has really been great for all of us.” He brought up the fact that Warner Bros.